Our kids inspire us. They know that playtime is important and will put it above all else, often refusing to do anything else (like eat, or bathe, or sleep!) just to squeeze in a few more minutes of playtime. Kids remind us that if we’re not having fun, then we need to try harder. Because fun can happen anywhere, anytime. We couldn’t agree more. Maya & Max puts the fun into functional baby and kid products, so modern parents can play, too. Brought to you by MOBY, a family of products designed to keep our kids close.

Teething Jewelry

Introducing BIJOU by Maya & Max. Offering a wide variety of styles, colors and textures to cater to your own personal style, while helping your child through the difficult stages of teething. Our teething jewelry is made with soft silicone, wood and sterling silver, jewelry that won't hurt emerging teeth or sensitive gums. Our products contain no lead, BPA, phthalates, cadmium, or other metals, so you can let your little one chew to his or her heart's content.


BIJOU Starter Kit

From the bright and bold turquoise of the Ellie, to the refined and elegant Unity, the Bijou Starter Set includes something for every mama. Includes 3 of each silicone options: Maddie, Ellie, Tallulah, and Zoe; 3 of each wood Bryn and Arie; 2 silver Unity; and 3 FREE silicone Melia bracelets.


Lullabell Pregnancy Chime Necklace

There’s magic in the singing melody of a chime. Chime necklaces have been traditionally worn across many cultures with the belief that the soothing sound brings harmony to both baby and mother. At 20 weeks gestation baby begins to hear and will become familiar with the soft lullaby of the bell on the outside of mama’s belly. When baby is born, the Lullabell’s cord can be shortened so that baby can continue to be lulled by the melody of the chime.


Cover & Go
6 in One

Smart design meets stylish functionality. It is a shopping cart cover, a roomy tote bag, a nursing cover, a play mat, a soft and comfortable high chair cover, swing cover, and more! The clever design of the COVER & GO is a 6 in one essential that keeps germs at bay for families on the go. It will quickly become that one trusted item you’ll take with you and baby to the playground, the beach, the grocery store, or for tummy time in the backyard. Simple, smart and versatile.


'Carry-All' Clutch

The fab and functional Voyage Clutch transitions from diaper stash to date night class seamlessly. Its grab and go versatility in one handy clutch. You won’t want to let go.

Multi-functional: Great for carrying diapers, bottles, bibs, baby clothes, nursing covers, school supplies, lunches, swimwear, toiletries, hiking, camping, makeup, travel.


'Carry-All' Wet Bag

The Voyage Wet Bag keeps the wet and soiled safely tucked away from the clean and dry. A must-have for parents with children (of any age!)

Multi-functional: Great for carrying diapers, wipes, potty training accidents, wet cloths, bibs, bottles, baby food, nursing cover, sports bag, camping, toiletries, school supplies, makeup, and much more.


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